Eye Safety

Here are some important eye safety tips that one can follow to keep the vision safe.

  • To avoid infection in your eyes avoid sharing eye drops or makeups with anyone .
  • Keep the toys which are not ment for younger children away from them.
  • Do not let children play in areas where cats and dogs go to the bathroom. This may cause blindness and other health issues.
  • Use child safety belts in cars, tightly strap the shoulder harness.
  • Keep laser pointers should not be pointer on eyes. They may harm the eyes
  • Never look directly into the eclipse or welding arc or tanning bed, UV and IR rays from them will cause damage to your eyes.
  • Use sports specific eyewear to avoid sport specific accidents
  • Leave heavy fireworks to professionals, it can damage or burn eye .
  • Before using lawn equipments, pick up all derbis from the lawn.
  • Keep household chemicals like detergents etc, paints, fertilizers etc away from eyes

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